Halloween and its celebration by believers in Christ

by Joel Ramshaw (2023)

Imagine you are a local hockey player in your home stadium. Instead of seeing the crowd rooting for you, you notice they are all wearing the opposing team’s jersey. Your friends, family, and neighbors are all dressed up for the opposing team. Now how would you feel?? Probably a bit betrayed right? BIG TIME!! Now how do you think God feels when his own people who are supposed to worship him, instead dress up as the other team as demons and devils and go to houses decorated in similar nature. You will say “but it’s for the children!!!!” as if there is no other way a kid can have fun. Are you who claim to be Christians really so without imagination that you cannot think of any other way to have fun with your kids than to celebrate satan?? Trust me, I am far from the most skilled person at “having fun” but even I can make a good time happen pretty easily anytime I want. This is a great time to teach your kids that standing up for what is right means making sacrifices. Its easy to be a Christian when its convenient, but the test of whether you have a real faith is that you can stand apart when it is unpopular. When is the last time you did something hard or unpopular to defend your faith and values? A humble and seeking agnostic who is unsure whether God exists will have a better chance of entering heaven than a Christian who treats their faith as if it is a joke. I will say it again. An AGNOSTIC who is unsure whether there is any God, will have a better chance of God being merciful and allowing them to enter heaven, compared to a Christian who does not take their faith seriously (Matthew 21:31). This Halloween do what is right. Take a stand for your faith. Take a stand for what you believe in. Find another way to let your kids have fun this night. Help them realize sacrifices must be made to do what is right. A Christian participating in Halloween saying they aren’t really celebrating the devil is like a person who cheats on their spouse and says “even though I did the act, it wasn’t really cheating, because I didn’t actually “love” her.”” Yes, actions matter, and excuses are not at all valid. Stand apart and do what is right!

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